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Dixon and Dixon have been painting Canterbury homes for 28 years. They’re your trusted, locally owned and operated choice for quality interior and exterior house painting. Whether painting a room or transforming your entire home, we have a skilled and dedicated team for all your painting needs.

Dixon and Dixon are members of Master Painters New Zealand, a mark of their professionalism and commitment to quality workmanship.

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Re-invent your home with a fresh coat of paint

Your home is your castle. Not only that, it’s a serious long-term investment. Many people buy a house expecting to live in it for a good while. And over time, colours and finishes get tired and dated. Chipped, peeling paint smudged with stains and fingerprints can be a source of frustration.

A fresh paint job can breathe new life into tired interiors and exteriors, updating your home’s personality and enhancing its tidy presentation and pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. Painting interior walls can boost your home’s value and appeal to prospective buyers, showing them the house has been well cared for.

With all of the projects we undertake, you can receive free colour advice – call our Christchurch painting and decorating experts now.

Modern kitchen and living room

Wall hangings for an exciting new look

Wallpaper opens up a whole new dimension of style for your home. From traditional to super trendy, wallpaper can really bring your walls to life.

Dixon and Dixon offer full wallpaper stripping and paperhanging services. Whether you’re after a vibrant feature wall or a beautiful background for an entire room or more, our staff will provide you with an impeccable finish that you’ll love.

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Superior workmanship from start to exceptional finish

You might not notice a good paint job, but a bad one will haunt you. Drips, rough finishes, peeling, bubbling and wrinkling are just a few signs of a paint job gone wrong. Avoid disappointment – bypass cowboy painters and talk to Dixon and Dixon, professional painters with a proven track record.

Dixon and Dixon start with the fundamentals to ensure an impeccable finish to your interior or exterior painting. Preparation is key – sanding, priming and filling surfaces to ensure our quality paints adhere perfectly and last the distance. And we’ll leave your home immaculate when we’re finished. You won’t know we were there – apart from your immaculate paint job!

All of our workmanship, products and applications are guaranteed in conjunction with our paint and material suppliers. Dixon and Dixon commonly use Resene paints, which are proven over many years in tough NZ conditions.


How to tell if it’s time for an exterior repaint


If you don’t have your home repainted from time to time, eventually the sun, wind and rain will take its toll on the unprotected substrates¬†underneath. Weathering and rot can be costly. Avoid serious damage to your home by¬†ensuring the exterior is repainted every seven to ten years, depending on the environmental conditions. This ensures your home’s exterior remains sealed and protected from the elements. Of course, quality paint applied by professionals will last the longest so be sure to choose your house painters well!

A few signs that your home is due for an exterior repaint:

  • Flaking, peeling or checking: Examine your exterior paint carefully. If you see peeling or flaking, the paint is no longer protecting your home. Checking – hairline cracks in the paint – is a sign the paint is close to failing.
  • Fading colour: New Zealand’s brilliant sunshine is good for a lot of things but paint is not really one of them. Sun not only bleaches your exterior paint but deteriorates its integrity in the long term. It’s hard to tell if your paint is faded as the process is so gradual – try taking a photo of the house when the paint is fresh and compare it at regular intervals over the coming years.)
  • Chalking: Run your hand over the surface of your exterior paint. If it feels rough and leaves a chalky residue on your hand, this is called ‘chalking’, another sign your paint job is deteriorating.
  • Signs of rot: soft, soggy rotting spots on your timber home, even if they’re still painted, are definitely a sign the paint is not protecting your home as it should. Rotting areas will need to be replaced before a thorough repaint is commenced.

The price of painting is a smart investment in the longevity of your home. Dixon and Dixon guarantees precision workmanship and product durability for your exterior house painting. Complete the form to the right for a free estimate or call us today.


Restore your roof to your home’s crowning glory

Your roof works hard to keep your home and family safe and dry. Keep it in optimal condition with Dixon and Dixon’s roof painting and maintenance, including protective coating. A tidy, well presented roof will also boost your house’s street appeal, for a home you can be proud of.

Dixon and Dixon’s experienced tradespeople will skilfully clean, restore and repaint your roof using quality paints and materials that will stand the test of time. Airless spray painting using refined machinery allows us to paint your roof in half the time it would take with a roller or brush – and we can paint your fence to match!

Our services are a cost-effective investment in the longevity of your home. Call us today or complete the form on the right for a free estimate.