Define Opting Out?


Opting out is a simple process. You take control of your repairs when damage has been assessed at between $15,000 and $100,000 and you choose not to work through Fletcher EQR. Opting out allows you to choose your own Project Manger and tradespeople.


How is Opting Out funded?


The Earthquake Commission (EQC) fund the repairs following an agreed quotation. With your authority we can send the invoice direct to EQC for payment.


When can I choose to Opt Out?

Your last opportunity to opt out is when Fletcher EQR phones you to book a scoping appointment with their contractor. Your commitment to proceed at this point enables them to allocate the project management and contracting resources needed to complete repairs.  If you are unsure whether you want Fletchers to do your work DO NOT BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH THEM. Delaying gives you the time to explore your options.


How do I Opt Out?

It is easy to Opt Out! Simply fill in the Opting Out of EQC Repair Form and forward to EQC. EQC will contact you within 15 working days of receiving your form and let you know whether you are eligible to begin the opting out process. Alternatively, we can handle all the paperwork for you – just complete an Authority Form for Opting Out of EQC Managed Repair. After that, Dixon and Dixon are your nominated Opt Out builders and we can submit the forms for you and communicate with EQC on your behalf to follow up exactly what stage your claim is at.


How does Opting Out work?

  • After completing the Request to Opt Out of EQC Managed Repairs form and forwarding it to EQC, EQC will contact you within 15 days to confirm your eligibility to Opt Out.  Your application is forwarded to an estimator who will contact you to make a time to visit your property along with your chosen Opt Out contractor.
  • EQC will bring with them the most up to date Scope of Works for your property.  The Scope of Works is the document which lists all the damage to your property that EQC has marked for repair.  Dixon and Dixon’s Project Manager will go over this document carefully with EQC and will point out damage not on the Scope of Works (if any).
  • EQC will then make any required amendments to the Scope of Works and will send this document to you or directly to Dixon and Dixon if you have given us authority to negotiate on your behalf.  We will use this amended Scope Of Works to prepare our quote for the repair work and submit to EQC for approval.
  • EQC will send a “Confirmation to Proceed” letter to let you know that your opt out request has been approved. As your nominated contractor for your repairs, Dixon and Dixon will handle everything from organising the tradesmen and schedule of work to handling all Health and Safety on site along with regular quality inspections. At the completion of work we will conduct a final inspection with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with all the repairs that have been carried out.


What if I have a future EQC claim?

Any earthquake of significant  magnitude that results in reassessment is treated as a separate event for insurance purposes.  If you have Opted out of any previous claims this does not affect the way any future claims are handled by EQC


Can there be any additional costs to consider?


No. Dixon and Dixon provide EQC with a fixed price quote for the repairs, and must complete the repair strategy as per the scope of works. Dixon and Dixon will be paid the quoted price on completion once the home owner is satisfied with the work which has been carried out. There is no recourse for money from the homeowner for any EQC repairs carried out by the contractor.


Will I have to move out of my home while repairs are being done?


In most instances we are able to complete repairs while the home owner is on site; however there may be occasions such as the presence of asbestos or major build work  when it would be more practical for the home owner to move out while repairs are completed.


Will I have to move my furniture?


We will take care of all furniture removal from rooms we are repairing to allow us access. Carpets will be covered and curtains removed. We do ask that homeowners remove photos, pictures and other small items.

I have a question you haven’t covered here.

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